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navygrey: The Art of a Well Made Jumper

The most sustainable knitwear brand we have seen. Rachel has gone into painstaking detail to ensure that as much of the business as possible is impeccably sustainable. Rachel oversees all product development for Good Growth.


Khunu: Premium Yak Down clothing

Khunu has been a Good Growth partner from very early on. The brand pioneered taking a fibre, yak wool, that was regarded as worthless, and turned it into a range of high performance knitwear. Julian and Aaron set out to build a brand that was "good" in every respect. We are thrilled that the next chapter in Khunu's story will be as a full Good Growth brand.


Ibis Rice: Premium Organic Wildlife friendly Jasmine Rice

Ibis Rice has been operating in Cambodia for several years under the auspices of the Wildlife Conservation Society. The brand provides a fabulous template for how a commercial business can be designed to be regenerative. We are delighted to work with Nick to develop the next stage for Ibis, and to take the concept into other ecosystems.

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