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Good Growth

An integrated system of unified businesses with a single purpose - restore nature. 


Designed from and for each place - creating value for regeneration of each place. Connecting people to place.


Regenerative by design. 

A business system to restore nature

It all started in 2007 when we first tried to put together an integrated chain with the aim of improving the livelihoods of nomadic Mongolian herders.

Real environmental and social improvements couldn't be delivered within existing business-as-usual. Industrial supply chains are intrinsically extractive. Pursuit of economy of scale has created monopoly and monopsony nodes in the chains. Finance does not work for nature.

The only way to create a regenerative business system was to design from scratch - from the ecosystem out. So we created Good Growth.

A system to bring back to health our natural environment: rangelands, forests, waters that soak up carbon; wild animals and plants that make a rich biodiversity in each place; livestock and crops farmed in a way that restores and regenerates the natural environment - never putting it under depletive pressure.


No triple bottom line - the priority is environment, then human wellbeing within a healthy natural environment, all supported through a commercially sustainable model.


This is a "for planet"business.



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