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Our way of living is out of synch with the planet. We need a new paradigm. Good Growth was set up to develop a clean sheet approach to regeneration - integrating landscape restoration, business and a deeper connection to nature. 

Good Growth

We're designing an integrated system to restore nature.  Designed from the landscape out. Inverting conventional business design.  An economic model that aligns incomes to environmental outcome. A way to reconnect to nature and landscapes.


Work in progress

Phase 1 - Landscapes (2021 - )

Phase 2 - Business integration (2024 - )

We started in landscapes working with Mongolian herding communities to figure out what they really needed to regenerate the rangelands. 

There are many challenges - severe overgrazing, climate impacts, pasture management - and Mongolia's grasslands are the commons. 

We are now working with several communities in different parts of Mongolia. By end 2024 in total we should be covering around 350,000 hectares, implementing long term rangeland regeneration programs. Our landscape work is supported through The Regenerative Fund for Nature.

Long term success and scalability depends on integrating commercial chains to support landscape regeneration. Phase 2 focuses on that  integration.This involves close collaboration with clothing brands and their supply chain partners, building the business systems to catalyse and support regeneration at scale.



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