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Integrate landscapes and business. 

Good Growth is an integrator.

First we instigate long term landscape regeneration in collaboration with herding and farming communities.

Then we work with brand and supply chain partners to integrate value chains into those landscapes. 

Phase 1. Landscape regeneration
Long term pathways to manage the regeneration of degrading landscapes

A Mongolian woman and a yak

Phase 2. Regenerative Business
From 2024 developing four business lines that are complementary

Integrating a fragmented system 

The landscape aspect brings together science and community wisdom, pasture management and community governance. Identifiable geographies that are stewarded by identifiable communities, working together to regenerate the landscape.


This part of the system is a non-profit. The "return" is primarily healthier landscapes, which then provide the foundation for commercial activities, which, if well designed help foster and scale landscape regeneration.

The business integration aspect builds on the foundations of the landscapes to create commercially attractive lines of business that are intrinsically regenerative. The key to regenerative business design is starting from the landscape. It enables us to collaborate with brands to configure commercial chains that actively foster regeneration - by commercialising multiple materials from single landscapes and desighnig supply chains to preserve and amplify origin value. 


There are four pillars to this commercial development, each can be standalone but together they form a set of complementary business design capabilities that underpin "regenerative business".

We designed and tested the landscape approach from 2021 to 2024, now we are moving into phase 2, commercial integration and regenerative business design

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