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Chigertei Valley, Mongolia

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Chigertei Valley, in Deluun, western Mongolia is our clean sheet pilot. 

This environment is degraded, the community remote, the wildlife under threat. Reversing the degradation is our focus.


To do that we are working with the community, improving their livelihoods so that they can become agents of regeneration. Much of that means ensuring they can make a living from a mix of livestock that is in the right balance for the carrying capacity of the ecosystem. 


At present there are 41,000 animals in the valley, 18,000 goats, 18,000 sheep, 3,000 yaks and 2,000 horses. (Not forgetting the 26 camels).


By creating value across all of these animals through new fibre products, and especially by creating new value from the coarser hair which is normally ignored, the Good Growth Company makes it possible for the community to make a better living from fewer animals in a mix that helps the environment regenerate.   

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