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Rangeland details - Shurkhan Zalaa

An overview of the location and rangeland recovery for Shurkhan Zalaa.

The 21 herder families manage a rangeland area of around 50,000 hectares in Umnogovi province, in the southern part of Mongolia. 


South Gobi

5 Monitoring points cover the managed area

Ecosystem condition

Rangeland condition is measured at each monitoring point using the State and Transition Model developed for Mongolian Rangelands. The model is an extremely useful tool developed in a collaboration through the Swiss funded Green Gold project. Details on the model can be found here.   

For ease of understanding - class 1 means the rangeland is more or less OK, class 2 means it can recover within 3 to 5 years, class 3 means recovery will take longer, and beyond class 3 indicates severe degradation with no clear recovery path. 


The Community has developed a Landscape Compact with Good Growth, planning long term management actions across the rangeland. These span livestock controls, pasture management, animal welfare and capacity building. The group has already reduced animal numbers significantly in 2023. Recovery class is at 1 or 2 across the whole managed area.

The Landscape is ready to integrate with the right long term commercial partners - integrating regenerative landscape management with supply chain partners to build a fully regenerative business system.

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